Halloween Special Event

October 26th at 3:30pm

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We always strive to teach our students about the biology behind their own brains, all while making it relevant to their daily lives.

Students (grades 1-4) will engage in creating a brain-themed art project where they learn to express their feelings and share stories about their Halloween memories all while learning about the anatomy and physiology involved in creating those thoughts.

Space is limited to 16 seats!

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Our focus will be to discuss what roles the hippocampus and amygdala play in our lives and where they are located.

Are you scared?

Fear triggers immediate changes in you just as in other animals – your hair stands on end, your heart beats faster, and your body gets ready to either attack or run. When you recognize danger, or feel afraid, you are using an area of your brain called the amygdala.

So the next time you get spooked, remember, its only your amygdala!

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Join us on October 26th for a smarter Halloween!

Date & Time

Wednesday, October 26th

2 hour long event from 3:30pm to 5:30pm


For students in grades 1-4

We will be focusing on the following topics:

Students will indulge themselves in art and create brain-shaped pumpkins!

Students will be guided to make the connection between two brain regions and the Halloween experience through a writing activity.

Students will learn about the amygdala and hippocampus in their brains and role that they each play in their daily lives.

Students will take part in a class discussion to share their stories, experiences, and pumpkin creations!


Halloween Special Event

$35.00 $18.00

Tip-Top Brain is hosting a Science, Art, and Writing Halloween Event for students in grades 1-4. Grab your tickets below!

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