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Ms. Nicole Early Childhood Instructor

At Kindergarten graduation, we all had to stand up, say our name, and say what we wanted to be when we grew up. The shaking video of my dad holding the video camera is proof when I say that all I ever wanted to be when I grew up was a teacher. Read my complete bio!

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Inspirational Quote

“You are the universe experiencing itself.”

Ms. Christie Lead Science and STEAM Instructor

A quote that has always inspired me to continuously pursue science is by Alan Watts, stating, “You are the universe experiencing itself.” I believe every student has an inner scientist, and my goal here at Tip-Top Brain is to facilitate them in finding that person and enjoying the wonder the natural world has to offer us. Read my complete bio!

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Children’s creativity, intelligence, and constant determination have motivated me to make sure that I leave a positive impression on my students.

Ms. Andzelika Math, Reading & Writing Instructor

By taking the time to individually work with a student that is struggling in a specific area, I have learned that patience and dedication to the student can make all the difference in that child’s learning. Read my complete bio!

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Ms. Nikita Math, Reading & Writing Instructor

I have adopted a Socratic method of teaching, in which I ask questions to learn what my student(s) think about the subject matter, and I use their answers to guide my own explanations. I have found that this works very well in the personalized setting that Tip-Top Brain offers. Read my complete bio!

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